Welcome to the most amazing and the most mysterious world: the world of fairy tales and sea adventures!


Vast expanses of  a sea, blue water surface with its beauty can not be compared with anything. The ocean has always had a special force of attraction, it attracted and enchanted. Somewhere, deep inside in its spaces  is a whole universe, full of bright colors, harmony and beauty.


Visit our Oceanarium "Nemo" and you will find yourself in an atmosphere of mystery and adventure.


Bright fresh water, marine and oceanic fish, exotic and mysterious animals from different parts of our planet- all it you can find in a large and colorful aquarium "Nemo."


Beautiful scenery, fascinating excursions, cinema with films about nature - all this will allow you to plunge into this amazing and wonderful world of sea tales.


All hotel guests receive a discount of 20% on visiting the aquarium!


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