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An elegant and comfortable SPA is available.

Exclusive shower of impressions, healthy herbal bath, hammam , panoramic sea view sauna, large Jacuzzi, solarium and unique methods of massage are waiting for you!

Two unique salt water swimming pools are at your disposal, in one of which you can swim together with amazing dolphins.

Indor salt water swimming pool it is a wonderful way to reinforce your health.

The length of the swimming pool is 20m. ,the depth-4,5m. the width-10m. Water temperature is 28 degrees - it is an ideal condition for aqua aerobics and swimming.

We are glad to propose you a great variety of SPA services and massages for your health and full relaxation of the whole body.

Professional masseurs NEMO SPA can help in your choice of a personal program according to your needs. You can choose classic massage for the whole body, head and face massage, general massage, lymph drainage, anti-stress, tonic, detoxic, blue wrapping, chocolate, thermo-active, honey and other kinds of massage made by our best specialists.

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