The creator of Dolphin Assisted Therapy is David Nathanson, who first started to treat children with deficiencies in intellectual development in 1978 at «SeaWorld» oceanarium in Florida. Today his method is being spread and perfected all around the world.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy is recognized worldwide as a general method to reinforce the body is protective abilities for people of all ages who suffer from various disorders and pre-illness conditions, i.e. practically healthy people.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy involves the organized interaction between dolphin and person, with optimal conditions to offer benefits to the person as well as the dolphin.

Dolphin assisted therapy can assist in the following tasks:

  • Correction of psychological development for people with nervous system disorders
  • Development of cognitive activity for people with psycho-neurological disorders
  • Development of children is speech
  • Removal of chronic pain
  • Reduction of neurological and vegetative-vascular reactions 
  • Relief from psychosomatic conditions 
  • Reduction of unintentional movements, tics and spasms
  • Rehabilitation of people, victims of violence or other stressful situations
  • Psycho-emotional training for specialists whose work is connected with extremely stressful situations
  • Leisure and relaxation for healthy people — children and adults

The main component of the dolphin healing method is the psychological effect from the interaction between person and exotic animal in an unaccustomed environment and the physical therapy effect from hydro-location or sonic waves made by these animals (you can see details of the mechanics of dolphin therapy).