Pregnancy — a very important and interesting period in the life of every woman. We will help you to spend that time with joy and benefit for your health and the health of the future baby.

Effect of the expectant mother in the development of the child in the womb is determined not only by heredity, but also features of emotional and physical condition during pregnancy. The correct set of exercises will help you easily bear a baby and help him to be born into this world without any problems.

Kid continuously captures the sensations, feelings, thoughts that are the mother world. Alarms that affect the nervous system of the pregnant woman are transferred to the child. Therefore, in this period it is also important to be able to relax as much as possible, to hear their needs and desires and to respond to them. It is important to establish a strong relationship with your inner "I" and amazing dolphins are the creatures, most faithful helpers in this process. Communicating with dolphins, psychologists and trainers of NEMO FIT & SPA will open the new abilities and learn new techniques that you can use during birth and during the postnatal adaptation.


Do you know?

... that the impact of the dolphins is very beneficial for the child's development and psycho-emotional state of expectant mother

... that for painless childbirth is necessary to prepare your body through the physical exercise

... that the best types of training for pregnant women was selected in NEMO FIT & SPA.

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Fitness for pregnant women with dolphins includes:

  • aqua aerobics exercises
  • gymnastics exercises
  • exercises with dolphins
  • exercises with a psychologist
  • massages

Aqua aerobics

Classes in the water is one of the secrets of a healthy pregnancy and a better physical preparation for childbirth do not even know how to swim moms. In the water, all the movements are soft, smooth, the body is in a state of weightlessness, and active movements here can be alternated with complete relaxation. Heart is working with less intensity, but at the same time you get a great result.

Aqua aerobics allows to avoid unnecessary weight gain, eliminates congestion in the pelvis and lower extremities, it is the prevention of venous disorders, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

With the help of training in the water you will gain strength and flexibility, get a lot of positive emotions and good mood. After a training, you feel more confident, and therefore you are better prepared for childbirth.

Duration of training is 45 minutes.

Gymnastics exercises

Fit Mama is a set of exercises and breathing practices, developed to meet all the physiological features of the gestation period, aimed at developing the muscles that are involved in labor, strengthen joints, ligaments, muscles of the spine and a harmonious development of the entire body. Moderate exercise helps to prepare for childbirth and to avoid edema, constipation, headaches, back pain. This treatment is suitable for any gestational period.


Duration of training is 55 minutes.

Group sessions with a psychologist

For women, awareness and acceptance of the whole depth of motherhood is accompanied by sufficiently serious psycho-physiological and emotional adjustment.

The proposed program includes training and seminars, aimed at psychological support and emotional harmonization for the family expecting a baby. Here you can get answers to many questions, to communicate in a friendly atmosphere with other parents who, like you, are preparing for the appearance of the baby.

In a relaxed atmosphere you will touch the mysteries of birth, to acquire knowledge and skills that are necessary for motherhood. Do you recognize that today, even before the birth of your baby, you can do for its healthy development.

Duration of training is 60 min.

Relaxation program with dolphins

Each session with the dolphins accompanied by increased production of endorphins, the hormones of joy and happiness. After talking with amazing creatures the tension is out, pain and spasms are reduced, improving the overall health of the future mother. Also, water enables of easy and free movement, sensation of flight, this is a very beneficial effect on the future mother and her baby.

During the classes you will  acquainted with the dolphins, petting them, greet, listen to the sounds that dolphins emit. They play with you, swim and even paint a picture that will remind you of this wonderful event. Psihorelaxation with dolphins is a specially program that allows completely impact on the body and psyche of future mother and baby. In charge of prenatal psychologist you can use technology studied at the course of dolphin therapy, during childbirth and the period of adaptation.

Duration is 25 minutes.



Massages from  NEMO FIT&SPA specialists

Massage during pregnancy is different from the classic general massage in  use of mainly stroking, relaxing techniques giving the possibility to work out problematic zone softly.

Particular attention is paid to hands and feet - it helps relieve swelling and improves the circulation of lymph and blood. Flat areas of all the organs and systems of the human body are located at the surface of feet and hands, and massage helps regulate energy balance in them. Head massage helps relieve headaches and ears massage - affect all systems of the body, giving harmony to their work.

Massage during pregnancy can also strengthen the immune system, cope with sleep disorders, relieve muscle pain and remove general tension. Fresh wave of energy after the massage gives courage , clears up  the mind and helps to find harmony with a new life inside of you. As a result, you will feel out the energy, easily and smoothly flowing throughout the body.

Duration is 30 minutes.