Give a unforgettable gift to yourself and person that you love! Amazing Dolphins will ride you on their belly and back! Swimming, diving and communication with dolphins carried out in  a pool of Kharkov Dolphinarium "Nemo".

Photo and video-allowed.

Swimming passes in the swimwear, swimming trunks and diving suits.

Children under 5 years can go swim only with adults.

Price for swimming with dolphins - 4000 UAH. / 10 min. for 1 person.

Rent a diving suit - 200 UAH.

Free of charge: inflatable vests or armbands.

Before and after swimming - shower, hair dryer.

Swimming with dolphins is done only by pre-entry.

Phone: +38 057 3416888


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You also have an excellent possibility to dive with our experienced diving instructor  to the bottom of the swimming pool and swim together with dolphins under the water.

Diving with dolphins costs 4000 UAN. Diving video costs 1000 UAN.

General duration in the dolphinariun for those who use the offer is not less than 3 hours ( it includes preparation, studying, instructions).Diving and communication with dolphins under the water lasts not more than 30 min.

You can order diving by phone  +38 050 7003399.

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